What does it take to be a rainmaker? Scott Love is here to tell you. An award-winning legal recruiter, keynote speaker, author and podcast host, he’s also a former Naval officer, professional card-counting black jack player and currently a passionate painter. All of these varied experiences have taught him invaluable lessons about leadership, business development, sales and growth, and he joins Chris today to share some of these lessons.

People are always observing and firms will find any reason to disqualify people, he explains. You must give them a reason to trust you and see you as a leader. This means being humble enough to recognize what you don’t know, and be willing to learn–for the rest of your life. This develops an unshakeable sense of self and authenticity that will naturally encourage people to follow you.

He’ll share what works and doesn’t work for getting hired by law firms, especially when many are hesitant to want to grow. Cultivating yourself and being well-rounded help you define your core values and life purpose, which will set you apart as a rainmaker.

“Most of it was taking my lunch hour, and instead of watching Matlock reruns, I would watch Tony Burn training tapes. Okay, VHS tape, Steve Finkel. And I, anytime I would make a placement when I started my own thing, I would say, ‘I’m going to take 10% of my fees and invest it in coaching, seminars, books, CDs.’ Anytime there’s a motivational speaker coming to town, I would go to it. Whatever they’re selling, I’m buying. So that was my whole philosophy, and still to this day, there is more that I don’t know than what I do know, and until that changes, I’m always going to consider myself a student.” (3:36 | Scott)
“One thing that I learned was that if I put 100% into something, I’m gonna get 100% return. If I put 80% into something I’m gonna get about a 20% return.” (5:26 | Scott)
“Trust me on this. When you know exactly who you are, what motivates you and where you’re going, that becomes incredibly attractive to other people. People don’t want to be pushed, but they’re OK following someone. So you have to become someone who is followable.” (14:20 | Scott)
If you follow certain principles of game theory in client development, that helps you to number one, make effective decisions; number two, be effective in your execution; and number three, take the sting out of disappointment. And in business development, there is disappointment every day. That’s 80% of it.” (21:04 | Scott)
“I look for people that have leadership skills. I don’t care how much time you spent in the library. Tell me what you did before. Tell me about where you were. Did you play sports? Were you a musician? You’ve got to practice three or four hours a day as a kid without your mom telling you to do it, and you’ve got to take direction, and realize it’s not all about you in a symphony. So those are the things that I think make a richer experience in life and also add to the zest of an organization.” (24:47 | Scott)