“Put yourself out there before an opportunity arises,” explains Sahang-Hee Hahn, Head of Strategy & Planning at Haven Life Insurance Agency. Before her current position, Sahang-Hee started her career in singing and acting, big law, and got her MBA at Wharton. Reflecting on her varied experiences, she discusses taking risks and being playful with her career.

When you push away your fear of risk, you will be surprised by the exciting opportunities that can arise. Without encouragement from a colleague, Sahang-Hee would not have gone to business school, where she learned so much. Without the support of her network, she would never have been able to take professional risks and grow. By being open-minded while accepting help from the incredible leaders she met along the way, Sahang-Hee found fulfillment in her career and kept it interesting.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your career. Learn more about Sahang-Hee’s professional journey, the benefits of business school, and how rejection makes you stronger.

“Put yourself out there before an opportunity arises.” (12:3312:37 | Sahang-Hee)
“It’s one thing to get a credential and then get an opportunity because you have a degree on your resume. It’s quite another to go into that role and say, Oh, I’m not speaking a foreign language because I understand what’s being said in the room.” (15:1315:24 | Sahang-Hee)
“I’m willing to take on some risk every few years or so and do something completely out of the left field, but it’s definitely made my career more exciting.” (24:3624:46 | Sahang-Hee)
“I have learned to take rejection well. And hearing “no” early on in your career actually strengthens you to keep pressing.” (28:0228:10 | Sahang-Hee)
“I wouldn’t be here without the network that surrounded me and supported my growth.” (28:3428:38 | Sahang-Hee)