In this work, if it’s not real and specific, it will not be able to advance the dialogue,” explains returning guest Lloyd Johnson, CEO of Chief Legal Executive. In part two of this two part-series, Lloyd and Chris discuss Lloyd’s exciting project, The Roadmap to Inclusion. Devoted to the DEI conversation inside corporate law departments, Lloyd reveals this project’s scope and what is still missing from diversity discussions.

As one of the pioneering champions of DEI practices, Lloyd has seen our progress and how far we need to go. Although he acknowledges that our actual progress depends on who you ask, he celebrates that this is the golden age for Black general counsel. We can praise this as a success metric with 58 to 62 Black men and women on general counsel in billion-dollar companies. Although we should see this as a win, we still have much to do to solidify and expand these positive changes.

We can create more legal spaces with diversity and inclusion with the right tactics. Learn more about the details of the Roadmap to Inclusion project, Lloyd’s DEI best practices research, and protecting the progress that has been made.

Quotes “We’ve identified five competencies: courageous leadership, intentionality, accountability, innovation/creativity, and tactical execution. And I think that in this report, you will find a degree of granularity about specific tactics and some specifics around processes that you normally don’t see.” (6:467:13 | Lloyd)
“In this work, if it’s not real and specific, it will not be able to advance the dialogue.” (7:327:39 | Lloyd)
“When you look at the money and time spent as it relates to advancing diversity, especially as it relates to people of color and law firms to have that level of investment and somewhat of a flatline, that demonstrates that there’s a lot of progress to go.” (19:0119:34 | Lloyd)
“If people are very intentional and focused over the next two to three years, the gains that have been made throughout the last decades; we can not only protect them, we can grow them.” (19:4820:05 | Lloyd)
“Probably the most critical part of DEI work is change management, which has nothing to do with race, gender, or any of the other attributes of diversity. (21:1621:30 | Lloyd)