“When you help others, they have the desire to come back and help you,” explains Ori Solomon, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Resilience. During Covid, Ori joined Resilience, a transformative pharma manufacturing company. With this transition in mind, Ori shares what it means to add value to your company and the world.

Ori advises listeners to add value to every area of their lives, including work and professional relationships. We may be tempted to ask for bonuses or raises for personal reasons, but we must ensure we earn what we receive. The goal should always be to improve the lives of others in any capacity possible, and only then should we ask for what we deserve.

Whether at work or home, it’s a good idea to see how you can help. Learn more about Ori’s career journey, Resilience’s meaningful mission statement, and how to navigate the mentor/mentee relationship.

“There was such a need for a company like ours, and there still is.” (18:5919:02 | Ori)
“Think about the value you add to every situation and relationship you have. And only after you have added value, demonstrated your worth, and produced something, go back and unabashedly ask for what you’ve earned.” (25:2421:51 | Ori)
“There’s just so many ways a career can evolve over time.” (27:2227:28 | Ori)
“When you help others, they have the desire to come back and help you.” (28:1328:22 | Ori)
“Leadership is what you do and the way you conduct yourself in the rough times.” (31:4031:46 | Ori)