“With hard work and determination, you can really accomplish a lot” explains Meredith Ritchie, SVP GC, Chief Ethics & Government Affairs Officer. Starting her career as a paralegal, Meredith has developed an exciting career portfolio. Today, she shares the upcoming projects she has ahead and her dedication to volunteerism.

Through her position at Alliant Credit Union, Meredith has had an instrumental part in spearheading their foundation. Through their work, Meredith can help promote financial literacy, a cause dear to her heart. By focusing her talents on uplifting others around her, Meredith has had a fulfilling career and helped numerous people in the process.

Throughout your career, you can do extraordinary things. Learn more about Meredith’s rich career history, her role at Alliant, and why hiring the right candidates is essential.

“I do enjoy sharing my opinion. But more than that, I like helping other people and trying to help them realize their goals.” (8:559:03 | Meredith)
“Word of mouth and referrals are always the best thing in the world, no matter what.” (12:1012:15 | Meredith) “I do feel that everybody in the world has untapped potential. We use so little of it, but the sky’s the limit.” (27:4727:59 | Meredith)
“With hard work and determination, you can really accomplish a lot.” (30:3930:44 | Meredith)
“I get a great deal of enjoyment in knowing that I’m helping to shape the future of the academic success of kids for forward to future generations.” (31:5732:10 | Meredith)