“If you’re going to take a leap, you better at least like the people you’re working with,” explains Fred Stein, Chief Legal Officer of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Today, Fred explores his extensive career journey, from law school to his private practice experience to his passion for writing. By reflecting on his experiences, Fred reveals how his time at Redbox was a rocket ship of growth, leading to being acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul and an evolving career. When Fred learned about Redbox, he boldly wrote a letter to the CEO, wanting to be their general counsel.

During the lengthy hiring process, Fred put together a presentation with characters and movie themes, which proved successful. Excited to step into a new industry, Fred put himself out there and gained more perspective. When Chicken Soup for the Soul acquired Redbox, Fred felt excited by this opportunity and learned a new side of home entertainment. Outside of work, Fred is writing multiple books, including a book on general counseling, proving that he is always willing to expand his abilities and grow as an individual. Throughout your life, incredible opportunities can pop up on your path. By taking on positions outside your comfort zone, you can expand your skill set and grow both personally and professionally. You may not always know how to achieve your target, but if you’re willing to stretch your goals, you’ll be surprised by the exciting places you’ll end up.

“Our value isn’t in our lawyering per se, but weaving in the business ideas, softer skill set, and other things to help.” (14:2214:33 | Fred)
“If you’re going to take a leap, you better at least like the people you’re working with.” (26:5126:55 | Fred)
“Let no good crisis go untapped by you in terms of being able to show your value.” (32:1932:26 | Fred)
“There’s help to be had, but you’re not going to get it unless you take the trouble to form these relationships and invest in them.” (36:5237:00 | Fred)
“It’s not a goal unless you tell people, so they can hold you accountable.” (51:5351:58 | Fred)