“I think about the term “generalist” professionally as someone willing to go outside their core area,” explains Brian Salmo, Managing Director at Hermann Companies. Before joining Hermann, Brian started his career as a corporate attorney before transitioning into other roles, including VP of Human Resources and Business Unit Leader at LMI Aerospace. Now focusing on sourcing, underwriting, and supporting direct investments at Hermann, Brian shares his unique career journey and how his experiences led him to where he is today.

Brian recognizes that much of his success comes from being available to whatever his company needs and volunteering to take on additional responsibilities. If you are willing to go above and beyond, you will be able to build good relationships with your team and stand out to your bosses. Ultimately, you must maintain positive working relationships because you never know what opportunities could be available.

In the professional world, building meaningful relationships is critical. Learn more about Brian’s decision to attend law school, how to stick out at work, and the benefits of being a generalist.

“Whatever I’m getting paid to do, I tend to ensure I nail it. I don’t typically raise my hand until that’s well under control.” (13:4513:56) | Brian)
“Develop more emotional muscles because if you don’t do that in your home, life gets too out of balance and affects you at work. It’s not work-life balance. It’s work-life integration.” (15:5716:09) | Brian)
“Get to know people doing interesting things and keep those relationships up. And who knows how the dots connect going forward.” (19:3019:36 | Brian)
“Be methodical, talk to a lot of people, and be honest with your motivations.” (25:0225:07 | Brian)
“I think about the term “generalist” professionally as someone willing to go outside their core area.” (28:0628:12 | Brian)