“We’ll have to see many low-cost energy options for people who cannot afford a Tesla to get out there and use those products,” explains Brady Long, EVP & General Counsel of Transocean. With an extensive career in the legal industry, Brady first became interested in the law because he was passionate about fairness and solving abstract issues. Today, Brady shares his impressive career journey and why he’s proud to work for Transocean.

As an energy company, Transocean is always looking for ways to improve bringing energy to the world. Although Brady believes there are ways to step away from oil and gas through solar and wind, he understands that we will always use hydrocarbons. Ultimately, he believes that hydrocarbons are too valuable to leave behind but knows that energy expansion is key to the balance we sorely need.

At the end of the day, the energy business is providing a meaningful service. Learn more about Brady’s transition into Transocean, the importance of team-building, and how the price of gas will factor into the midterms.


“You just try to accumulate good relationships, and see the jobs as less of a transactional endeavor and more of a relationship building endeavor.” (8:358:47 | Brady)
“Leadership is a partnership. It’s identifying the ways that you can serve others and that they can serve you. And collectively, you can move forward to advance the objectives of your organization.” (11:1311:30 | Brady)
“There’s nothing wrong with Transocean that couldn’t be fixed with what’s right about Transocean. They had great people, a great history, a great new management team, and some new board members. So, collectively, that made it a no-brainer.” (18:1018:24 | Brady)
“We’re never going to be able to completely leave hydrocarbons behind. Because they’re simply too valuable, they’re simply too useful. But you know, how can we expand, you know, energy into other areas, whether it’s wind, solar, or nuclear? And those are things that our company is evaluating right now. And it’s great to be on the leadership team as we’re evaluating those opportunities. While at the same time recognizing, you know, at our heart, in our core, we are an offshore drilling company. And we’re proud to do that. And we think that people should be comfortable with that, we do it the right way. And we do a great service for the world and bringing these resources to consumers.” (20:0420:48 | Brady)
“People in the developing world have every right to expect the same modern conveniences that we enjoy in the developed world.” (25:4524:54 | Brady)
“We’ll have to see many low-cost energy options for people who cannot afford a Tesla to get out there and use those products.” (25:5626:12 | Brady)